A better home for your key

Build your Fobwatch

The Fobwatch is a watch that you click your key fob into. So that you don't have to carry around keys. Or a lanyard.


On receiving an order, I will forward it on to Shapeways to build the shell and another merchant to dropship the strap. You are more than welcome to purchase the shell directly from Shapeways because they provide a much better purchasing experience than I can. You will get regular notifications about the build progress and more material options than I can provide here.

Getting a fob into your Fobwatch is a bit tricky because it is a very tight fit. I recommend using a set of pliers to pry it open a bit then push the fob in from above.

The Fobwatch has two sides. Putting the fob in one way will look lean and a bit more subtle. Putting the fob in upside down will look larger and a bit heavier.

The Matte finishes are very rough and not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Please use a polished finish to avoid this, if possible.